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Our Story
At Backyard Bowls we believe that you can achieve better life by eating better food. By “better life”, we are not only referring to your personal health, but the health of our planet as well. We put extensive thought and care into every aspect of our menu, and are proud to be using a large list of organic and/or local ingredients. However, our first priority in constructing our menu was that we use real ingredients- no highly processed foods, no chemicals, no high-fructose corn syrup- just real food combined in creative and delicious ways.

Here you will find information on all of these ingredients and why our food sets Backyard Bowls apart from the norm.

Hemp Food
Straus Yogurt
Bee Pollen + Honey
Yerba Mate
Goji Berry
Acai is the berry of a Palm Tree grown primarily in the Brazilian Amazon. It’s a small, round, black-purple fruit about 1 inch in diameter. The acai berry has a seed in the center much like a cherry, and is visually similar to a grape in size and appearance. It is argued to be one of the healthiest foods our planet has to offer, and is the star ingredient in much of our menu!

At Backyard Bowls we use the frozen pulp of the Acai berry. But why not fresh? One of the freak attributes of the berry is its amazingly low sugar levels. Without significant sugar to preserve the berry, it perishes within about a day of harvest! That’s why you will never see fresh Acai berries in the supermarket, they can’t survive the trip! Also, being that much of each berry is inedible pit, transporting the whole frozen fruit would be an inefficient option. Therefore we feel the best option for consuming Acai is the frozen pulp, which is what we use in all of our Acai products.
Nutritional highlights of Acai

  • Highest Antioxidant levels of any fruit
  • Protein profile of an egg
  • Essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9)
  • Low glycemic index
  • High in fiber
  • More than 16 phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Copious amounts of trace (ie: Co, Cr, Cu, Mo) and macro minterals (ie: Ca, Fe)
  • Packed with vitamins, including natural vitamin E
  • Excellent source of plant sterols, particularly Beta-Sitosterol
  • Nutrients in Acai can help

  • Maintain healthy function of bodily systems and organs
  • Increase energy, libido and stamina
  • Promote healthy, glowing skin and hair
  • Promote healthy sleep
  • Support the immune system
  • Act as a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Help reduce pain and soreness
  • Help rejuvenatae your mind, body and spirit
  • Our Acai is supplied by a company called Sambazon, who harvests the berry in a completely organic and sustainable manner that is highly beneficial to the local Amazonian community.
    Goji berries grow on an Evergreen Shrub in the temperate and subtropical regions of China, Mongolia and Himalayas of Tibet. Goji is another member of the “superfruits” family, gaining popularity due to its potent nutritional content. Our organically grown goji berries are dried, have a unique and delicious flavor, and are visually similar to a bright red raisin. At Backyard Bowls you will find goji berries as a topping for acai bowls, cooked in with a hearty hot oatmeal bowl, and blended into a refreshing smoothie.

    Also known as the Wolfberry, Goji has been consumed for over 6,000 years by herbalists in China, Tibet and India. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, it is believed that Goji berries can help protect the liver, help eyesight, improve sexual function and fertility, boost immune function, improve circulation and promote longevity.
    Acerola, also known as Amazon Cherry, is another fruit native to Brazil. Boasting a tangy citrus flavor, Acerola has been revered in Brazil for centuries for its rejuvenating effects. The fruit’s most notable nutrient feature is its massive vitamin C content, with 850mg per serving (that’s 10x the amount in orange juice!). Acerola is a whole food that is easily absorbed by the body, and is quite possibly nature’s best immunity boosting fruit!

    Acerola comes to BYB as a package of frozen pulp much like Acai does. You will find it blended with Acai in our “Backyard Bowl”, and featured in the “Amazon Cherry” smoothie.
    Originating in South America, Yerba Mate has been consumed religiously for centuries and is referred to as the “drink of the gods.” Yerba Mate is drunk daily for optimum health, sustained energy, and mental clarity. It is likely nature’s most balanced stimulant, delivering both energy and nutrition. As one of the six most commonly used stimulants in the world, Yerba Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and an abundance of antioxidants. Yerba Mate has almost every vitamin and mineral essential to sustain life!

    At Backyard Bowls our Yerba Mate is supplied by a company called Guayaki that harvests its organic Mate in a completely sustainable manner, and operates under an amazingly eco-friendly business model that is nothing but beneficial to our planet.
    Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, feared for its unique and potent flavor by some, but beloved for the same reasons by many. Kombucha is a symbiotic, probiotic colony of “friendly” yeast and bacteria and is commonly mistaken as a mushroom.

    Backyard Bowls offers bottled Kombucha Tea, which is produced by combining and fermenting the Kombucha Culture, black tea, and various other natural and raw ingredients. The finished product contains dozens of elements, many of which are known to promote healing for a variety of conditions. Although Kombucha may be a new concept to you, the Kombucha Culture concoction dates back to around 250 BC.
    The Chinese would call this drink the “Immortal Health Elixir” because they believed it balanced the Middle Qi (spleen and stomach) and aided in digestion, which allowed the body to focus on healing. It has been thought Kombucha can relieve a myriad of health ailments, as well as helping to prevent major health problems from developing. Kombucha is gaining a strong following and has a reputation for promoting longevity as well as an overall sense of well-being.
    So what is bee pollen anyways?

    Bee Pollen are dust-size seeds found on the stamen of flowers and is usually collected off the hind legs of bees. The actual Bee Pollen is created when bees secrete nectar and enzymes into the flower pollen, which in turn creates “Bee Pollen.”

    But, why should we eat it?

    Well, some call bee pollen an herbal “fountain of youth” and claim it is one of nature’s most perfect foods. It has every essential mineral that your body needs, and is absolutely packed with vitamins and other important nutrients. Consuming bee pollen can help increase energy, support the immune system, cope with stress, and build resistance to allergies.
    Our yogurt at Backyard Bowls isn’t your average yogurt, it’s Straus Family Creamery Yogurt. Not only does the Straus Family create incredibly delicious organic yogurt, but they’re the most sustainable and conscientious dairy farmers around. Straus yogurt contains four live and active cultures that are highly beneficial to the body. It’s also loaded with protein, calcium and beneficial bacteria that keeps your intestinal system running smoothly.

    Your body needs to have a healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria in its digestive tract, and Straus yogurts are made using live, active, good bacteria, that are very beneficial to your body.

    If our menu says yogurt, it means Organic Straus Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt (we’ll happily substitute Plain). That means that in our smoothies we use absolutely no sorbets, ice creams, or frozen yogurts. This makes a huge nutritional difference from our smoothies to those at other smoothie bars.
    Straus Family Creamery
    Straus Family Creamery is California's award-winning, family-owned, organic and sustainable creamery which produces milk, yogurt, butter and more.
    Our bee products at Backyard Bowls are produced locally by San Marcos Farms. The raw, unfiltered honey makes the perfect final touch atop an Acai bowl, and blends in with some of our smoothies to add that perfect sweetness. Compared to the refined sugars and artificial sweeteners that are so prevalent these days, this is a far more health-and-eco-conscious way to add some sweetness to your food. Not to mention it is rumored that consuming local bee products is an excellent way to combat local allergies.
    Our juices are from concentrate, but they are just that: concentrated fruit juice, and filtered water. Ideally we’d be fresh squeezing every juice we use, but that would be much more costly and time consuming. We feel that our pure juice concentrates are the next best option.
    Slow to gain popularity in the US, hemp products are finally beginning to see the attention they deserve. Hemp is a highly nutritious food, rich in “complete” protein, as well as perfectly proportioned omega fatty acids.

    Our menu features hemp in four forms:

    Hemp Milk: In our opinion, the most nutritious and delicious of milk substitutes (i.e. soy, rice, or almond milk).

    Hemp protein powder: This is the best form of protein powder around, and blends perfectly into any bowl or smoothie. Being a whole food protein powder, each serving adds 16 grams of protein as well as substantial amounts of omega fatty acids and fiber.

    Shelled Hemp Seeds: An excellent topping for an acai bowl, this is as authentic as the hemp food experience gets!

    Hemp Seed Granola: All our acai bowls are topped with this delicious and nutritious granola.
    Manitoba Harvest
    At Backyard Bowls all of our hemp products are from Manitoba Harvest, a farmer-owned company famous for its exceptional sustainable farming practices as well as its top quality hemp food products.
    Maca has been a staple food in the extreme and harsh climates of the high Andes in Peru for thousands of years. Growing at altitudes in the 14,000 foot range, the character and properties of Maca have been developed by the extreme conditions under which it grows. Maca has an amazing ability to increase energy, endurance and strength, and is quickly becoming a favorite among health conscious eaters and serious athletes.

    Our organic dried Maca powder is free of any preservatives, additives, or fillers, and is packed with powerful nutrition. Maca boasts a plethora of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that work together to get your body functioning at its best. For just $.75 you can add Maca to your acai bowl or smoothie, and feel the difference for yourself.